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Why is it worth to apply LEAN-QS?

Problem solving:
• Automation of continuous improvement,
• Reminding about deadlines and corrective actions,
• Ease of evaluation of employee engagement,
• Identification of work arrears (illness, release),
• Ease of preparation for audits.

Company management:
• Facilitating the control of the company by objectives,
• Facilitating the control of the company through corrective actions,
• Facilitating access to complete information,
• Facilitating planning, coordination, supervision,

Cost savings:
• Reduction of time wastage for information retrieval, preparation of reports and analyzes,
• Reduction of paper costs ,
• Data security,
• Reduction of losses on errors and complaints,
• Central electronic secretary,

Easy implementation:
• Low acquisition and maintenance costs,
• Integration with existing media (Word, Excel, Open Office, pdf, scans, etc.),
• Ease service and simplicity,
• Possibility configuration and impact on the development of the system’s functionality.
• The Firebird database used – without additional costs when increasing the size of the database, or Microsoft SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2012 +,
• Import of master data from xls files and integration with the ERP system database.

LEAN-QS is an integrated system and everything under control …


• Qualification and evaluation of suppliers,
• Input control,
• Purchase complaints,
• Statistical control of the SPC process,
• Product inspection with SPC,
• Production errors,
• Errors in the final control / retention,
• customer complaints,
• customer satisfaction assessment,
• supervision of control and measurement equipment, valuable and attribute MSA,
• supervision of system, customer and product documentation,
• indicators (evaluation of processes),
• audits,
• personnel (requirements, evaluation, training),
• Meetings and other problems,
• Schedules, projects, • Quality plans – APQP (IATF 16949: 2016 and VDA 6.3: 2016)
• Requirements and risks,
• Analysis,
• Quality tools: 8D Report, PDCA, Ishikawa, 5 Why, Pareto …,
• Other: Kaizen, 5S, Health and Safety, Environment, PFMEA, Supervision of corrective actions. Integration with the ERP system database.

Additional information:

• Integration with MS Office, Open Office,
• Integration with e-mail, active directory,
• Integration with electronic measuring devices,
• Based on guidelines of current AIAG manuals,
• Internationalization: EN, DE , ES, IT, FR, SK, CZ, PL (open to other languages ​​- just translate the contents of the xls file),