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LEANQS brings great value for little money. We offer 2 attractive purchase models:

1. Monthly subscription:

  • Free online training for staff,

  • Free software updates,

  • Low price, there is no need to invest large amounts in acquiring and updating the program.

  • Free telephone support, e-mail, and online.

  • There are no license restrictions, regardless of whether you employ one or 1001 employees, the LEAN-QS fee remains the same. Therefore, there is no penalty for company growth.

All this costs only 80 Euro / month!

2. One-time expenditure:

  • 3 hours online training for staff,

  • unlimited license of the integrated LEAN-QS system for 10 users


All this costs only 1200 Euro! (Plus an optional one-year subscription for support and updating - 250 Euro).